Unofficial DP Ad-Network FAQ
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A guide to making the most out of the Digital Point Co-op ad network.
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What's New!

What's New

November 7, 2006: The Increasing Weight page has been updated with information on impressions, PR, and nofollow, which effect weight.

October 27, 2006: I, Nintendo, have taken over and am working on updating the FAQ.

Right now I'm updating links and taking out dead links. Then I'll add info to changes made, for example, nofollow allowed, having impressions count towards weight, and the Weight cap, and add a little perl script to use the co-op with cgi using LWP::Simple.

Then I'll hunt through the support board looking for questions and answers to add to the FAQ.


1. Co-op Introduction

Digital Point Co-op Advertising Network; What it is... Part 1 of 4.

Co-op in a nutshell...

The co-op ad network, coded by Shawn Hogan, is a free network of webmasters who display eachothers ads on their websites. Without any investments other than time, this enables the internet marketeer to get his/her webpages and products advertised on literally thousands of websites (hundreds of thousands of webpages) world-wide.

  1. You make adspace on your sites available to others.
  2. You put your ads on adspace of others.
It's coded by Shawn Hogan; it's all automatic (pretty much)!

Just like with Google AdWords, you can have your ads displayed in banner form or text only. It's up to the publisher (similar to AdSense) how to display your ads and how to fit it into their website design.

The Co-op Network Ads have the
additional benefit of being plain HTML links. This means you might enjoy increased link popularity as a result of your contribution to the network.

Read On: How It Works; Underlying Principles Part 2 of 4.

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