Unofficial DP Ad-Network FAQ
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A guide to making the most out of the Digital Point Co-op ad network.
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8. Advertisement Inventory Management

How To Effectively Manage Your Pool Of Ads...

Creating ads is easy. On the main page after logging in you can fill out an simple form and your ad will be added to the que for human review. Simply stick to the Copy Guidelines and your ad will normally be live well within 24 hours. Don't forget the description which is needed if you only display text links yourself. Other ight be displaying your ad in text banner form remember!

Theme & Language

Theme and language settings are for data gathering purposes only for now. Over time, Shawn will implement a system where (at the cost of a weight penalty) you can choose to limit ads shown on your site by language or theme. But these plans are not yet finalized. Just choose these two as accurately as possible from the options given from the drop-downs.

After submitting an ad it is not yet live! The ad is now pending review AND you will have to enable the ad.

Under the box where you can add an advertisement you will find the area called "My Pool Of Advertisements". This is where you will find your newly created (and other) ads. First of all you will probably want to enable the ad. You can click the red "Enable" link next to the ad, even when it isn't approved by a moderator yet.

Other options you have for each ad is to delete it altogether (all data lost), disable live ads (preserving data and you can switch them back on again when needed) and view stats. The stats link will pop up a new window and show you the total ad impressions as measured across the network for the period of time displayed. Impressions are the only statistics available. See also Verifying It Works.

An often times misunderstood feature is the individual weight you can assign to each ad. To the left next to each ad you will find a drop-down menu with numbers 1 to 15.

What Does This 1-15 Drop-Down Menu Do?

These number represent the individual weight you want to assign to each ad. They default to 1. Below it you will find a percentage. Example:

If your weight is 21,000 and you have 3 ads all set individually to "1" the weight is split in the ratio 1:1:1. In other words, each ad gets the same priority. Percentage wise this would be a 33.33% straight split. Each will get 7,000 weight assigned to it. Nothing would change if you set all to 7. It then would be split 7:7:7 i.e. still all the same.

But say for instance you just made a new ad for a new page but don't want to give it too much attention yet since the page is still in development. You'd like to spend just 6,000 of what now is 30,000 total on this 4th ad. The rest can remain equal. 6K out of 30K is 1/5th. So you want 1/5th of the total weight to one ad and the remaining 4/5th to the rest. This is 20% for this new ad.

Ad 1, 2 and 3 together get 24/30
Ad 4 gets 6/30

You'll need to convert this to 15ths. That's 12/15th for 1, 2 and 3 and 3/15th for #4. So from the drop-down next to the new ad you select 3. Next to the others you select 4. Now the weight will be split 4:4:4:3 or 4/15th : 4/15th : 4/15th : 3/15th or 26%:26%:26%:20% or 8K:8K:8K:6K.

With the Impressions stats and link: count you can get a feel of how many weight results in how much traffic/backlinks or rankings.

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