Unofficial DP Ad-Network FAQ
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A guide to making the most out of the Digital Point Co-op ad network.
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11. Increasing Weight

The Seven Ways Of Increasing Weight

As outlined in Weight & Issues, your weight is calculated from 4 variables. Increase any or a combination of these four to increase the weight in order to expand your advertising campaign.


Increasing pages is pretty straight forward. However, many people think they can pull a fast one by installing some syndication script or feed of some sort and expect to get away with it. But unless you add something in the mix, Google will catch you and simply through these not-so-unique pages out if its index again, bringing your weight down to where you were to begin with.

Some people actually buy websites to put co-op ads on. Other buy adspace from websites and install the co-op script. Those are all fine and help spread our ads. If you can't afford these strategies you can just make new quality pages as you did building your site to where it is now.

Google PageRank:

Also increasing your weight is when your Base URL gets a higher Google PageRank. Unlike what many people believe, the only way to get higher PR is to get more links to your pages - Base URL specifically. So go out on a link acquisition campaign and your PR might go up a notch over the next few weeks.


You get a weight bonus when you refer people to the Network. You get 10% worth of their weight so the more adspace they bring in, the better for you. Spamming your referral URL will get you booted out though so please make sure you spread the word in an ethical way.

To find out your referral code, log in to your account and see on the right hand side where it says Referrals How to receive weight bonuses. Click the link and spread the word!

# Of Ads:

The easiest way of increasing your weight is by increasing the number of ads displayed on your pages. How to create up to 5 ads per page is explained here. More than 5 is technically possible but you won't be rewarded for the excess.


The weight calculation algorithm also takes into account ad impressions your site is giving. This means that if you have a very popular site, but with just a few pages, you still will be rewarded.

Page Rank:

PageRank is taken into account to try and algorithmically determine quality sites. Two sites that are identical in all ways except one is PR7 and one is PR1 will have a huge difference in the weight given to their ads.


Don't use nofollow. You'll have about 1/3rd the weight you would have with out using nofollow. Nofollow is for those worried about geting penalized by the search engines for being in the co-op.

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