Unofficial DP Ad-Network FAQ
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A guide to making the most out of the Digital Point Co-op ad network.
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7. Weight & Weight Loss Issues

About This Magical Number And How It Changes... Part 1 of 5.

Weight in the Co-op is the result of a mathematical equation where the number of pages on which you provide adspace to the Network is multiplied with the number (up to 5) of ads you run per page. The Google API Pagerank for your Base URL is another variable in the equation. This basically another multiplier.

The 4th variable is referrals. You get a bonus for referring people into the Network.

The actual number of weight doesn't mean much. You can't say "I have x weight so I'll get y number of ads."It's pretty abstract. As explained in the introduction, you basically get back what you give so forget about the weight, calculate the predicted number of ads you get back by counting how many ads you are showing on your pages.

After a few weeks of monitoring you will get a feel of how much of your weight will result into how many ads. See under 'Verifying It Works' about how to collect stats.

A quick Goolge search shows how obsessed people are with their Co-op weight:

In the next few parts of this FAQ section, I'll try and demistify most of the weight issues.

Read On: Page Count Up, Weight Down. Part 2 of 5.

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