Unofficial DP Ad-Network FAQ
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A guide to making the most out of the Digital Point Co-op ad network.
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6. Setup Validation

Post Setup Validation Of Your Installation...

After installing the necessary files you have to validate your account.


Visual Validation - Confirm everything is working yourself first! Remember, ads have to be on each and every page within your Base URL that is (or might get) in the Google index. So browse over these pages in your favourite browser and confirm the ads are working. Make sure they aren't hard-coded in there so refresh the same page a few times and confirm the ads rotate.

The second stage of the visual validation is to go to and do the following search:
  • or
Click a dozen of the results and verify the ads are there. This is pretty the much the way the automatic validation bot will verify you still have the ads everywhere.

When all is fine, you can go on to step 2. Otherwise; check out the Trouble Shooting section.


Automatic Validation - Log into your account and find the following bit of text:

Click the Validate/Calculate Weight Now button. This sends the validator round to your site. If all went well, it should validate on you are assigned the weight you deserve. If there are problems, the system will tell you on which URL it couldn't find the ads on. Go there yourself and rectify the situation. See Trouble Shooting if the ads are there. Sporadically the system will try the validate a page that isn't even yours. Again, see Trouble Shooting for more info.

Google API Key

Without a Google API key, the system will validate your pages by doing spot checks every now and then. If you do enter your own API key into the Account Settings then you can validate as often (up to your query limit of 1000) as you like. Useful for instance when you just added a boatload of pages and want instant weight recalculation without having to wait for the bot to drop by. The API key, however, is a source for many of the issues mentioned under Trouble Shooting. Main reason being this query limit. If you use the same key for say the DP Keyword Tracker and other tools it might well be that you are out of queries for that day. Clicking the 'validate now' link will then result in ads not found and a whopping 0 weight, so...

If You Use The API, Make Sure You Have Plenty Of Queries Left!

If this did get you into trouble... Don't freak out and cry in the forums! The API key is re-set every 24 hours so just wait one day and hit the validate now button.

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