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A guide to making the most out of the Digital Point Co-op ad network.
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9. Verifying Your Ads Are Out There

How To Know You Aren't Being Conned...

It's almost unnecessary to ask yourself this because Shawn has a great reputation, not just in the DP forums. You can trust he wrote a fair program so if you did everything according to the TOS and guidelines plus it all validated and you didn;t forget to enable the ads, you can be confident you will start reaping the rewards soon.

For those with a statistics 'obsession' that can't sleep without seeing some numbers; here are a few ways to verify we're showing your ads. By the way: we'll soon see statistics appear in our account! now implemented!

  • Network Stats! Go into your account and scroll down to your Pool of Advertisements. To the left of the 'Update Weight' drop-down menus you will find three links for each ad. One for deleting the ad, one enabling/disabling it and now also 'Stats'. Clicking it will bring up a pop-up window with a graph of the impressions this ad has received across the network.
  • Server Logs / Website Stats package. Check your logs for unusual referrers. Check'em out and you are likely to find Co-op ads somewhere on that page. Refresh a few times and you will see the Co-op in place. Your ads were there and will be back! If you don;t have any good stats reports, check out the free scripts.
  • Backlinks. MSN and Yahoo are the likely ones to first pick up on the new links. Run a search in Yahoo and look for 'odd ones' you didn't know were linking to you. Again, click them and find the Co-op ads. Your ad was there when Slurp came by. The same works for MSN, just search and find the usual suspects. Google will eventually report them as well. But where it just takes days for Yahoo & MSN, Google can take weeks before publicly acknowledging the ads and their new links to your pages.
  • Tracking URLs. If you're a real sceptic, or want to track conversion of your new ad campaign you can set up tracking urls and verify it's working for you this way. Link your ads to and write a script that takes this variable and e-mail yourself for instance.
  • Ranking. As explained in the intro, this network has the added bonus of passing link popularity. Based on this fact you are likely to see a better ranking for the targeted pages/phrases over time. Some have reported radical changes overnight yet others have yet to see (after months) a noticable impact.

Simple question I can't seem to get an answer to: are "stats" working or not? I've never been able to get any stats to show despite everything validating and having decent weight. Now I'm starting to doubt that my ads are even showing. Any ideas?
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