Unofficial DP Ad-Network FAQ
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A guide to making the most out of the Digital Point Co-op ad network.
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4. Installation Guide

General Installation Hints... Part 1 of 7.
Please read the official setup guides carefully. Choose the appropriate platform:

vBulletin 2.x and vBulletin 3.x forums, phpBB 2.x forums, Movable Type blogs,
Blogger* based blogs and any site that supports PHP (there are how-to instructions for each).

*Blogger Note: Blogger blogs have some special requirements at this point. They must
be published via FTP/SFTP (rather than and must be running on
an Apache web server that allows mod_rewrite with PHP installed.

Instructions for Invision 1.2 Forums can be found here.

All other platforms don't get full support, however, there are successful rewrites available from the forums so you can run this network on ASP, Coldfusion, CGI, HTML and JSP pages as well. See links above for more specific info.

A couple of mistakes often made:

  • Ads have to be on all pages within the Base URL that are spidered by Google. The validation bot will even look in indexed Word Docs, PDFs and other file types. Use your robots.txt file to exclude these from Googlebot's spidering sessions or move these files outside the Base URL tree.
  • Make sure you select the correct Ad Type for your sites from the drop-down menu on the setup instructions page. This gets often overlooked and people end up with the standard table based text banner ads where they wanted anchor text only ads for instance. See the picture below for a visual hint. You can empty the network_ads.txt cache at any time after swapping ad type to get rid of the old type ads you had previously.

  • The ad_network_ads_xxx.txt file has to have the correct file permissions assigned to it. It has to be writable so CHMOD it 777. Forget this and the script can't cache the ads locally. Some FTP programs seem to give problems with this. FileZilla has always worked perfect for me. This file has to be in the the same directory as the main script file!

Read On: Installing The Co-op On PHP Enabled Pages... Part 2 of 7.

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