Unofficial DP Ad-Network FAQ
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A guide to making the most out of the Digital Point Co-op ad network.
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Welcome To Your New Best Friend :D

After posting a not-so-detailed FAQ and still seeing many 'frequently asked and answered questions' pop up in the forums I decided to film a sequel but make it better this time.

So... Welcome to the new Unofficial Co-op FAQ. It's filled out nicely but I know there's a few holes left to fill. I was planning to launch it once 100% done but with my birthday coming up this Friday and being very busy launching OsCommerce shops (will ask you to beta test/review later) I might not get this entirely done soon but I didn't want to keep this valuable information hidden any longer!

FAQ User Guide

Browse the FAQ sections on the left to find your answer. If you can't find it after reading here and in the DP forums then please go ahead and start a new thread. Valid questions from there will eventually be answered here as well (I think I covered 80% now, will get the remaining 19% up over the next week or so) if not already done so. I will try and get this indexed so the Blogger Search bar works as well.

Please Don't PM Me Or E-mail Me Or Leave Comments Here With Questions About Installing The Co-op!

If you do then I will ignore you! I'm in no position to provide consultation on this. I can but I don't want to quite frankly. If you're stuck with the Co-op then by all means post in the forums and/or contact the pro's listed here on the left.

You May Post Comments Here when they are of a supplemental nature. If you feel I didn't cover a subject 100% then please add your hints and tips to the appropriate posts. They might even make it into the next update.

If you want to link to this FAQ in your sig for instance, that would be great! Each post has a permalink at the bottom as well so you can easily paste links in the forums to the appropriate sections. Maybe Josh is willing to build a site :D You have my permission!

I've made no effort whasoever to make this look nice. I'm more a functionality guy than a design talent. If you hate the looks then please gently poke SEbasic in the back and he will show off his skills. I'm crap at it and shall not waste my time on frigging about with the template more than I already did. Thanks Anthony for the lay-out tips, I have implemented those (partly).

PS. Do sign up future Co-op accounts with the very cool button* top left! It will do something magical! ;)

*Some respect here please, it's my very first CSS accomplishment!

I'd like to abuse this opportunity to shamelessly plug some thoughts:

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