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Page Count Up - Weight Down

Increased Page Count But Lower Weight... Part 2 of 5.

One of the most frequently asked questions in the forums is how it can be that someone's weight dropped whilst they are sure their page count went up. Even when Base URL PR stayed the same.

The answer lies in the source of your data. Google's public stats link those returned by a link: command or site: search are unreliable at most. For verifying your weight they are useless.

The Co-op system uses the API to query Google's database of webpages. The API tends to return results substantially different from the public results.

So you are sure you added 10 pages to your site and even confirmed an increase with the site: command. Doesn't mean a thing. You should do the site: command in an API query to see what the Co-op system sees. Sign up for the Digital Point Keyword Tracker; it tracks page count and back links as well.

At the end of 2004 Google tightened their Duplicate Content (or Crap Content) filters resulting in many not-so-content-rich or very-similar pages being dropped from the index. In the public stats they are often listed as 'Supplemental Results' with just the URL as the title and no description. The cached version of those pages often showed a date in 1969. These are good signs that Google doesn't like your pages. They just aren't unique enough or they lack in quality. Many syndication script or feeds like Amazon affiliate shops got booted out of the index, simply because they don't provide anything new.

So when you say that you increased the number of pages, think twice. Did you actually increase the useful content on your site? I bet you didn't. Even if you did, you can trust Shawn in coding a fair system. When you do see a drop, blame Google for unpredictable behaviour; not Shawn's code.

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