Unofficial DP Ad-Network FAQ
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A guide to making the most out of the Digital Point Co-op ad network.
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How It Works; Advertisements

What Sort Of Ads Are We Talking About Here? Part 3 of 4.

As explained in the official FAQ under #6,
currently the system can serve 468x60 graphic banners, 468x60 text based banners or a simple text based ad. For the text banners, you can control the background color of the banner so you can blend them in nicely with your current layout.

Examples of ads:

Text Banner (or Image Banner)

Sample Ad
This is how an ad would look that is served up on the co-op ad network.

Text Ad

Digital Point Support Forums

Ads have to comply with the official Advertisement Quality Guidelines, which amongst other directions, prohibit ads with adult, pharmaceutical or gambling content or landing pages.

So firstly, you get to choose what sort of ads you want to display on your pages and also the quantity. You can have (and get credit for) up to five of your prefered type (anchor text only, text banner or image banner) on each page.

Secondly, after confirmation (automatic validation) that the ads are showing on all your pages within your Base URL, you may write ads in your account which after manual reviewer approval will show on other people's pages.

Read more on Advertisements and Ad Inventory management in FAQ Category #6, Managing Ads.

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