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A guide to making the most out of the Digital Point Co-op ad network.
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Co-op Results Week by Week Diary

One Member's Detailed Report On Co-op Progress...

Allan from keeps a detailed weekly blog on his progress in using the Co-op for his goals. As of today Allan is in his 9th week using Digital Point's most powerful free tool. Record time indexing is one of the major bonusses of the Ad Network according to his latest blog entry. Allan is also trying to get direct affiliate hits from banners he uses in the Co-op Network.

On Allan also reports a sad (and funny at the same time) Co-op incident where someone copied part of his site and signed up for the Co-op to reap the rewards. Irony is that the thief used Allan's referal URL so it didn't take long for the content-thief to be spotted by Allan himsef. Not sure whether he's banned now or not.

By using the Co-op in his SEO strategy he managed to improve ranking for his targeted phrase in 6 weeks from MSN 3+4 to 1+2, Yahoo 8+9 to 9+10 ( 1 notch down :'( ) and Google 6 to 4+5. Nothing earth-shattering one could say but do realize that improving from spot 3 to 1 yields a far greater traffic increase than jumping from 1000th rank to entry number 30!

You can read all about it here in his Co-op Ad Network Report.

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